How To Clean Your Nunu After S$x, Because They Just Don’t Teach You The Useful Things In School




While nothing that comes out of a penis can hurt your nunu (both semen — and yes, even urine — are totally fine to end up there), the same is not true of poop. If you’re engaging in anal s$x, the reality is that butt stuff can end up places you didn’t intend it to. Getting your own poop germs into your nunu can cause a UTI (which is why you should always wipe front to back), and this is also the case with someone else’s poop germs.

So if you think you’ve been in a situation where this might have happened, definitely pee afterwards — and this would be a good time to sponge off with some gentle soap, just to make sure you get any germs far away.


The good news is that, while s$x is messy, it’s not inherently medically dangerous. I mean if it was, the human race would be struggling a lot more, right? That means it’s up to you to figure out what feels good for you to do in terms of post-s$x clean-up. Maybe you hate the sticky feeling between your legs and can’t wait to leap out of bed to shower immediately after the s$x is over, maybe the stickiness annoys you but snuggling (after a quick pee break) is more important, or maybe the mess turns you on. To each their own! If you remember to follow these simple tips (there are just a few of them, I know you got this) you should be all set.

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