SHOCKING NEWS :More People Claim & Produce ‘Proof’ That Michelle Obama is a Man

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LADIES BEWARE – Smoking Weed Will Dry Out Your Vag1na, New Study Says

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A University professor’s response to a student who dared question why he was dismissed from class after turning up an hour late has gone viral. Professor Scott Galloway gave some ... Continue Reading →


It’s not a behaviour often captured on film, but the Earth Touch crew recently got the chance to film African lions mating in the wild! When it comes lion mating rituals, it’s ... Continue Reading →

Here are 12 Celebrities Who Actually Hate Each Other, See If You Have Any Favorite

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TRUE CONFESSION FROM A MOTHER OF ONE – ‘I’m Married But I’m Secretly A Lesbian,’

Homosexuality is still among the top things frowned upon in African society. Despite the fact that most African countries don’t condone homosexuality and have always been on the ... Continue Reading →

Must See This: How To Spot A ‘Runs Girl’ aka ‘Ashawo’ Even Without Meeting Her In Person…

Most of our girls now has finally turned to runs girl but it’s sometimes difficult to spot one. You can see most of them on social media and some university. KENHEAT has decided ... Continue Reading →

Dear Readers – I Caught My Elder Sister Doing S*x With My Dog At Night, What Should I Do? – Follow Link For Full Action & Advice

Nowadays, girl goes any length for sex just to satisfy themselves, they don’t care having it with animal or any sex instrument. A guy who asked on our facebook page to keep him anonymous ... Continue Reading →

INTERESTING ORDEAL – Woman Having Affair While Husband Is At Work

A woman is having an affair during the day while her husband is at work. Her 9 year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them and hides in the bedroom closet to watch. The woman’s ... Continue Reading →

Single Or Married You Must Immediately Read This… It Will Shock You For Sure!

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