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Guys You Don’t Have To Remove Your Clothes, See How You Can Do It & Both Of You Will Love It.

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GUYS! Now You Can Make Natural V1agra Using Just Two Ingredients!… SEE HOW

I’m guessing the major half of the world by now knows what is Viagra. But for the other teeny tiny bit who don’t, Viagra is a powerful drug for men that increases sexual performance. ... Continue Reading →

GENTS: If The Woman You Are With Even Has Half Of These Qualities, Marry Her

She’s your queen, marry her!   1. She is much more intelligent than you are. It’s always a plus to be dating a girl who is smarter than you are. The best kind of men know ... Continue Reading →

The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A Lot About Your Personality & Relationship.

You might hug someone in alternate ways but the way you hug them the most, tells a lot about your personality. Yes, do not be assumed because especially the way you show intimacy with ... Continue Reading →

How To Make Sure You’re Always Successful In The Bedroom And Never Worry About V1agra Again

There is pressure on men to perform in the bedroom. As you get older, as is common, getting an erection can become more and more of a problem. It is not just age that men have to worry ... Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Say “I love you” Without Saying A Word

The Actions You Take To Show Your Sweetheart That You Love Them Mean More Than Words Issuing Forth From You Mouth Ever Could. Here Are Ten Awesome Ways To Show Your Partner That You ... Continue Reading →

Doctor Told This Woman She Had Fibroids , But She Insisted She Was Having Twins (Read Her Testimony As Her Twins Turn 1) PICS too..

According to her, she was told by a sonographer that she had fibroid and was even given photo evidence but she refused to accept it and insisted that she is carrying a set of twins. Read ... Continue Reading →

“My Dad Who Is A Christian Marriage Counselor Now Uses Us As Case Study” –A Catholic Lady Who Married A Muslim Husband Says.

A Nigerian fashionista, Ella whose father is a Catholic marriage counselor took to her Instagram to recount how she ended up marrying a Muslim. According to her, the dad now uses them ... Continue Reading →


It’s always hard to identify to figure out if your boyfriend is a keeper or a player. Even the signs you get from him, at times it can be complex and you may not know if he is gonna ... Continue Reading →